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One Percent Changes: Reduce your sugar intake

Reduce sugar

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How to drive greener

There’s no denying that transport is essential. We need it to get ourselves from place to place, to ensure goods get to where they need to go, and even to transport the fuel that makes transport possible. Transportation based on fossil fuels, such as petrol and diesel, (including planes, trains, cars, trucks and ships) contributed 20.5% of the global Greenhouse Gas Emissions (GHGE) in 2014, making it the second highest contributor after electricity production (49%), with manufacturing and industry coming in close third (20%). Furthermore, personal transport and freight transport are both expected to increase by¬† 1.7% and 2.3% respectively between 2000 and 2050, with the majority of the increase coming from rapidly developing nations.

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Senzabamboo natural silk floss

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One Percent Changes: Reusable facial wipes


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One Percent Changes: Buy in bulk

Buy in bulk

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One Percent Changes: Try to avoid non-recyclable plastics

Type 7 plastics

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One Percent Change: Choose produce with fewer types of packaging


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One Percent Changes: Reuse shopping bags

Shopping bags

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One Percent Changes: compost your egg boxes

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