One Percent

One Percent Changes: Reduce your sugar intake

Reduce sugar

How does this help?

According to the WWF, sugarcane farming produces 60-70% of the world’s sugar. Like most large-scale agriculture, sugarcane is responsible for the clearing of huge tracts of natural habitat (a total of 65 million acres of land world wide). It’s also a highly water intensive crop, requiring about 800 litres to produce 500 grams of refined sugar, and produces large volumes of agricultural run-off, containing herbicides, pesticides, fertilizer and eroded soil, which flows into rivers and is transported to the ocean. Harvesting sugarcane also requires it to be burnt, creating intense heat and ash, as well as posing a risk for natural bush fires from sparks and stray cinders.

Reducing your sugar consumption reduces the demand for sugar in your household, and reduces your indirect water use and your carbon footprint.

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