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One Percent Changes: compost your egg boxes

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Upcycle Sunday

Upcycle Sunday: storage jars

Ok, last week I said that the upcycled tissue dispenser was the easiest DIY project ever, but I have to revise that statement. THIS is the easiest DIY project ever! As bulk shopping becomes more of a popular choice, there’s a lot of emphasis being placed on reusable jars, and generally these are assumed to be glass. But why buy something new when you already have what you need at home, right? I started buying body lotion in tubs rather than the squeezy bottle things because I like being able scrape out every last drop of lotion! But the jars are actually quite nice, because they’re made of a durable plastic. I would advise against keeping them somewhere with direct sunlight as there is always a slight risk of chemical leeching as plastic degrades. However, other than PET (Type 1 plastics), most other common household plastics have been deemed safe to reuse.

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One Percent Changes: homemade toothpaste


Upcycle Sunday

Upcycle Sunday: tissue dispenser

First of all, let me apologise for the terrible quality of photos. I had limited space to work in when I did this project and only a phone camera, so the lighting isn’t great and the resolution is rather low. Hopefully everything is clear!

Twinsaver (and maybe other brands I don’t know about) sells these really nice tube shaped tissue boxes. They’re narrow and compact, made of thick durable cardboard, and have a nice plastic ring at the top so you never accidentally rip the box when you try to open it. But they’re also pretty expensive and only hold 80 tissues per box, so we get through them really quickly.

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One percent changes: upcycle storage jars

Upcycle jars

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One percent changes: paper free kitchen

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Cruelty-free personal hygiene

There’s a lot of pressure on women to take care of themselves, and to look young and gorgeous forever. That’s not to say there isn’t pressure on men to look good, but I think the point where its ok to look your age is a lot older for women than for men. A lot of people rely really heavily on makeup to achieve this, but from my experience makeup can be quite psychologically damaging.

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Alternatives to pads and tampons

This post has to start with an emphatic recommendation that absolutely EVERYONE should listen to a podcast called Ladies, We Need to Talk, an Australian radio show hosted by Yumi Stynes, which looks into the kinds of challenges and issues women are often too embarrassed to talk about, or maybe don’t even really notice because we’re just so used to it. This includes post-natal health, understanding your hormones, body image, sex and how to ask your partner to help more around the house.

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